Mike Trout M.V.P. argument

The writers already named Miguel Cabrera A.L. M.V.P. , but there is quite a strong case for Angels LF Mike Trout. Since the first M.V.P. awards were handed out to Franki Frisch, and Lefty Grove in 1931 it has been debated is M.V.P. really for Most VALUABLE the guy who means the most to his team or is it BEST player? If its value by numbers Mike Trout wins the award with a 9.2 WAR(wins above replacment) over Miguel Cabreras 7.2, Even just looking at hitting Trout has a 10 OWAR(offensive WAR) which beats Cabreras 8.9. Defensively, it’s not close Trout is obviously better in that catigory, and the same goes for running, also Trout stayed healthy something Cabrera cant seem to do. It seems safe to say what won Cabrera the award was his playoff team.



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