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The sweetest swing in baseball.

Many ball players through out the years have been said to have the  sweetest swing in baseball. What makes a sweet swing? Well its a combination of Perfection, Mechanics and well it helps  to hit the ball. Not many people will say,Wow this guy sure has his stride going today as the hitter walks back to the dugout just having whiffed the fifth time in the game. As of right now when the conversation of the sweetest swing in baseball comes up broad caters, players and of course fans tend to think of two names Robinson Cano and Evan Longoria. These two tend to do the three things we just talked about. Every time I watch the Yankees play the Rays (which is quite often) I always hear Michael Kay talking about how these two players swings are sheer perfection in the split second they have till the ball reaches their contact area to get their weight to shift they have to get angular momentum they have to stay inside the ball and all the other things that go in to 30 HR 300 AVG 100 RBI seasons    and they do these things every time they get in the batters box (with the exception of 4 pitch walks) and that is why these two have baseballs sweetest swings.    David


Kotchman signs with Indians.

The Cleveland Indians filled a gap at first base by signing Casey Kotchman to a one year deal worth 3 million dollars. Kotchman hit 306 last year with the Rays after spending most of his career with the Angles, Mariners, Braves and Red Sox. Kotchman is know for his defense but turned out to be a key part of Tampa’s line up that made a classic run to the postseason in 2011. He will be 29 on opening day  and hopes to repeat his 2011 performance for years to come.


Rookies Who could make a big impact on their teams.

Trout, Harper, Moore, Montero, Miller, Buenalos, Bauer, Teheran, and Mesoraco its names like these that get all sorts of baseball fans excited for the 2012 season Moore, Montero, Mesoraco, Teheran, and Trout made it to the big’s in 2011 while Miller Bauer and Buenalos still await the phone call. These players are expected to shake up the 2012 season. Trout will be joining a much improved Angles line up while Harper and Montero will most likely play key rolls in their teams line ups that still need some help. As for Matt Moore the number one overall prospect he will be joining in my opinion  the best pitching rotation in all baseball with the Tampa bay Rays. Miller may not be ready for 2012 season but the Cardinals patience should pay off he is 21 with a plus fast ball and devastating curve he should be a September call up and will join Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainwright, Jaime Garcia and Kyle Lohse in one of baseballs stronger pitching rotations. Bauer was the number 3 draft pick in 2011 and has shot up through the Diamondbacks system. Mesoraco and Buenalos are likely to play key roles in the years to as well all Buenalos needs to learn is more control of his fast ball and he will be ready for the Bronx in no time.


A.L east notes.

Rays. Matt Moore tops out prospect list at number1,Sign Jeff Keppinger to one year deal. Sign Carlos Pena to one year deal.

Red Sox. Sign Cody Ross to one year deal

Yankees.Montero Pineda deal becomes official.

Oriels. Sign Wilson Betemit.

Blue Jays. Sign Francisco Cordero to one year deal