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Cabrera wins Triple Crown, Yanks, Oakland win division title

As the regular season comes to a halt, we have two topics to talk about. One, Miguel Cabrera has won the Triple Crown, with a record of .330,44,139. Me and David both didn’t want him to win, because he’s such a jerk, seeing that he has had the police called on him three times, two for getting in a fight. So anyway, he won the Triple Crown, and we don’t think he is worthy of it, like Carl Yastrzemski. Two, the Yankees and the Orioles both clinched their division titles. The Orioles were expected to lose to the Rangers, but they came from behind in a 5-1 game. The Yankees, on the other hand, did the only thing they can do good, and that is hit home runs(sorry David, I had to say that). In a 14-2 rout of the Red Sox, the Yanks hit 4 homers, two for Granderson, and two for Cano, they were also accompanied by three doubles, and eight singles. Cano went 4-4, with 10 total bases. The Yankees will play the winner of the Wild Card game, and so will the A’s.


Crazy night for Hamilton

Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers had a crazy night on Tuesday going 5-5 with 4 HR and 8 RBI’s. When somebody hits 4 HR in 1 game you can tell they have it Hamilton who has been tearing up American League pitching defiantly has had it this year, He is hitting 376 with 14 HR which at this point in the season is insane. Texas as a team has been stomping on teams no matter how good they are and Hamilton is a big part of that. When a guy puts up numbers like that and then Adrian Beltre is hitting behind him you are going to win games. The Rangers to me are the best team in baseball as of right now. If Hamilton continues at this pace you can expect to see another M.V.P trophy on his shelf.


Rangers predictions.(this is a request)

The last two seasons we have seen a surprise in the world series with the Texas Rangers making it as an under estimated ball club. Someone asked me for Ranger predictions using my methodology. So here goes(I’m not just picking random numbers trust me).

92-70 record.

Yu Darvish. 3.04 ERA, 14 wins, 137 k’s. Conclusion runner up in rookie of the year to Matt Moore.

Ian Kinzler. 28 HR, 282 AVG, 68 RBI’s. Conclusion, will keep improving to serious force.

Derek Holland. 3.17 ERA, 18 wins, 180 k’s. Conclusion, gets better with experience.

Mike Napoli. 262 AVG, 21 HR, 74 RBI’s. Conclusion, last year was a one year wonder season, power stays AVG goes.

I hope you enjoyed my prdictions if you want more for your favorite team just let us know.


This Week in Baseball: Week 1

This Week in Baseball, The Mariners arrive at-and many teams pack up for-spring training.  The Mariners are still mouring the loss of Greg Halman, who was stabbed to death in November. They were greeted with T-shirts bearing Halman’s number.

The Marlins are discussing a contract with Cuban star Yoenis Cespedes. He is one of the most sought after players on the open market.

Alex Gordon resigns with the Royals for one year. Nelson Cruz resigns with the Rangers for two years. Miguel Cabrera has lost 20 pounds in order to make the switch back to First base. Jeff Suppan signs a  Minor League deal with the Padres, with an invitation to Spring Training. Scott Linebrink has signed a Minor League  Deal with the Cardinals, also with a Spring Training Invitation. Manny Ramirez, whom many had thought to be gone for good, is looking for a signing with the Orioles or the A’s. Jed Lowrie has signed with the Astros for one year. Russel Branyan signed a Minor League deal with the Yankees.

That’s all for This Week in Baseball