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2014 Season

With spring training coming to a close we are able to get a look at what these new teams and new players are doing. One of the players I’m most exited about seeing is Yankees new pitcher Masahiro Tanaka who came over from Japan this winter. WHile he is certainly going to be interesting to watch he isnt the only big star thats swapped teams, Robinson Cano the All-Star 2nd basemen who went from the Yankees to the Mariners this off season should be worth keeping an eye on this year, as well as JAcoby Ellsburry, Brian McCann and Carlos Beltran coming to the bombers over the course of the off season. Not everyone who I want to see this year is puting on a new uniform, Angels outfielder Mike Trout proved himself a Star last year and is always fun to watch, young pitchers like ROY Jose Fernandez and Stephen STrausberg. Overall this looks like a great year for baseball


Rivals but Friends will be back

After a long time in absence Rivals but Friends will be back and blogging again. This time it will be an individually operated blog, and we will see a change in the name, I guess you could say it wont be “Rivals but Friends” but there will be a blog on the same page. The new name and a new season of baseball will be coming soon!



Mike Trout M.V.P. argument

The writers already named Miguel Cabrera A.L. M.V.P. , but there is quite a strong case for Angels LF Mike Trout. Since the first M.V.P. awards were handed out to Franki Frisch, and Lefty Grove in 1931 it has been debated is M.V.P. really for Most VALUABLE the guy who means the most to his team or is it BEST player? If its value by numbers Mike Trout wins the award with a 9.2 WAR(wins above replacment) over Miguel Cabreras 7.2, Even just looking at hitting Trout has a 10 OWAR(offensive WAR) which beats Cabreras 8.9. Defensively, it’s not close Trout is obviously better in that catigory, and the same goes for running, also Trout stayed healthy something Cabrera cant seem to do. It seems safe to say what won Cabrera the award was his playoff team.


Is Cabrera hurting the Tigers?

Many believe that Detroit Tigers star hitter Miguel Cabrera is hutring the Tigers more than he is bennefiting them. Cabrera has been dealing with hamstring issues and hasn’t been 100% for a while now. Despite fighting injuries Cabrera still hit an A.L. best 348. with 44 home runs and 137 RBIs. But in the Championship Series he is batting  only 267 not bad but not Miguel Cabrera. If the Tigers get the real Miggy back it will far increase their shots at the series.




Darvish Bids on no-no again

Once again Rangers righty Yu Darvish bid on on a no hitter against the Astros. He came with in one out of a perfect game aginst Houston in his first start this year before giving up a base hit to Marwin Gonzales. Yesterday he gave up one walk in 7 1/3 inning before yeilding a homer to Carlos Corporan. Darvish struck out 15 batters setting a new carreer high, After the game short-stop Elvis Andrus said “It was boring like always, Every time he pitches, it’s boring. No action in the infield, nothing. You get tired of that, watching strikeout after strikeout.” In the 6th inning catcher A.J Pierzynski was ejected after arguing balls and strike with the umpire, but catchers didnt make a difference for Darvish as he continued to roll to a 8 inning 1 hit victory.


Are the Pirates sticking around

One of the great stories of 2013 has been the Pittsburgh Pirates who stand at a record of 70-45 being the second best in baseball. If the pirates finish the season with a winning persentage over 500 it would be the first time in over 20 years. The Pirates showed signs of life early last year but fell short again after a dissapointing second half.  With the always impressive Andrew McCutchen in center and promising young talents like Gerrit Cole and Jeff Locke on te mound it gets me wondering if this is the begining of a good team in Pittsburgh. Last season the Orioles and Nationals turned their awful dynastie aroung and had great years is it the Pirates turn?