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Rangers predictions.(this is a request)

The last two seasons we have seen a surprise in the world series with the Texas Rangers making it as an under estimated ball club. Someone asked me for Ranger predictions using my methodology. So here goes(I’m not just picking random numbers trust me).

92-70 record.

Yu Darvish. 3.04 ERA, 14 wins, 137 k’s. Conclusion runner up in rookie of the year to Matt Moore.

Ian Kinzler. 28 HR, 282 AVG, 68 RBI’s. Conclusion, will keep improving to serious force.

Derek Holland. 3.17 ERA, 18 wins, 180 k’s. Conclusion, gets better with experience.

Mike Napoli. 262 AVG, 21 HR, 74 RBI’s. Conclusion, last year was a one year wonder season, power stays AVG goes.

I hope you enjoyed my prdictions if you want more for your favorite team just let us know.



A.L west notes.

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Angels: Reach deal with Willie Eybar

Athletics: Add Gomes to outfield, Money ball nominated for 6 academy awards