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Cabrera wins Triple Crown, Yanks, Oakland win division title

As the regular season comes to a halt, we have two topics to talk about. One, Miguel Cabrera has won the Triple Crown, with a record of .330,44,139. Me and David both didn’t want him to win, because he’s such a jerk, seeing that he has had the police called on him three times, two for getting in a fight. So anyway, he won the Triple Crown, and we don’t think he is worthy of it, like Carl Yastrzemski. Two, the Yankees and the Orioles both clinched their division titles. The Orioles were expected to lose to the Rangers, but they came from behind in a 5-1 game. The Yankees, on the other hand, did the only thing they can do good, and that is hit home runs(sorry David, I had to say that). In a 14-2 rout of the Red Sox, the Yanks hit 4 homers, two for Granderson, and two for Cano, they were also accompanied by three doubles, and eight singles. Cano went 4-4, with 10 total bases. The Yankees will play the winner of the Wild Card game, and so will the A’s.


Cespdes, A’s.

The Athletics have finalized a deal with Cuban super star Yoeines Cespedes for 4 years and 36 million dollars. Cespedes has been playing 8 years in Cuba and hit 33 HR in 2011. Cespedes is a 5 tool player and should have a big impact for years to come. He will most likely bat 3rd in the A’s line-up the usual spot for a teams best hitter. If the advertisement and scouting for  Mr. Cespedes are correct then he should make a serious threat in the rookie of the year voting.


Bailey,Red Sox,Reddick.

The Boston Red Sox and Oakland Athletics have agreed to a deal that will send former rookie of the year Andrew Bailey and Ryan Sweeney  to the Red Sox while the A’s will receive out fielder Josh Reddick  and three prospects.The Red Sox now have options concerning Mark Melancon.They can trade him make him a starter or a set-up for Bailey.And the A’s may no longer have to peruse free agent Coco Crisp now that they have Josh Reddick to patrol right field.