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Quick notes


Nationals. Bryce Harper will make his MLB debut  on Saturday vs. the Dodgers, Ryan Zimmerman goes to 15 day DL.

Tigers. Released 12 year veteran Brandon Inge on Friday morning.

Angles. Realesed Bobby Abreu to make room for Mike Trout

Mets. Scott Hariston hits for cycle in loss.



Sophomore seasons in 2012.

Helickson, Nova, Pinada, Kimbrel, Trumbo, Hosmer and Freeman all had terrific rookie seasons in 2011 and hope for better ones in 2012. I have broken down each player trying to come out with the answer. I am developing a methodology which will be named later. It takes the factors of age, ballpark, league and more. And that is what I will be using to rank these players sophomore seasons. Lets start with a Yankee Ivan Nova, Probably the best rookie season for a Yankee since Robinson Cano in 2006. He had 16 wins after missing a month and a half. My personal favourite statistic is that he never blew a lead. Judging  by the way he ended the season I suspect his numbers should go up using my new methodology I predict him to have, 16 wins, 3.29 ERA and 120 k’s. Let’s stay on the east coast but move a few states down to Tampa Bay Florida and talk Jeremy Helickson. We got a brief sneak peek  at What he could do in 2010 but did not embrace it till 2011. He posted a 2.95 ERA and beat out Mark Trumbo, Ivan Nova, Eric Hosmer and Michael Pinada for rookie of the year. I have put him through my methodology and came out with this. 3.12 ERA , 15 wins, 133 k’s. Over all I suspect another great year from Helickson. Now lets look at Michael Pinada. He switched teams this off season from The Mariners to the Yankees. He had a losing record last season something I do not think will carry into this season. I am putting him through my methodology and came out with this  3.30 ERA 17 wins and 203 k’s. Now lets stay in the east but in the National League over in Atlanta there’s a closer by the name of Craig Kimbrel  preparing for his sophomore season. Kimbrel was the N.L ROY (rookie of the year) and won the gibby(greatest in baseball yearly award) for top rookie I have watched videos and looked at statistics and this is my answer, 41 saves 2.12 ERA 97 k’s. We will stay in Atlanta and discuss Freddy Freeman. Freeman hit 21 HR’s last season leading all N.L rookies and finished runner up in the rookie of the year voting he hit 282 as well.  He has a nice stroke and should only go up from here I suspect very soon we will be calling him the face of the Braves organization and here are my predictions. 28 HR’s 93 RBI’s and a 292.AVG. We will now go from the East to the Central and talk Eric Hosmer. Hosmer had a terrific rookie campaign especialy because he was never a call up he came up in May and played the rest of the season batting 293 with 19 HR’s and 78 RBI’s I have once again looked at him very closely and came out with this. 27 HR’s 84 RBI’s and a 301 AVG. Now for our final player Mark Trumbo of the Angles. Trumbo had good numbers last season he hit 29 HR’s and drove in 87 runs i have looked at him and I came out with this. 271 AVG 33 HR’s and finally 112 RBI’s. Next season we will have a new wave of great young talent and when they strike we will be there to coverer it.


Kotchman signs with Indians.

The Cleveland Indians filled a gap at first base by signing Casey Kotchman to a one year deal worth 3 million dollars. Kotchman hit 306 last year with the Rays after spending most of his career with the Angles, Mariners, Braves and Red Sox. Kotchman is know for his defense but turned out to be a key part of Tampa’s line up that made a classic run to the postseason in 2011. He will be 29 on opening day  and hopes to repeat his 2011 performance for years to come.


Rookies Who could make a big impact on their teams.

Trout, Harper, Moore, Montero, Miller, Buenalos, Bauer, Teheran, and Mesoraco its names like these that get all sorts of baseball fans excited for the 2012 season Moore, Montero, Mesoraco, Teheran, and Trout made it to the big’s in 2011 while Miller Bauer and Buenalos still await the phone call. These players are expected to shake up the 2012 season. Trout will be joining a much improved Angles line up while Harper and Montero will most likely play key rolls in their teams line ups that still need some help. As for Matt Moore the number one overall prospect he will be joining in my opinion  the best pitching rotation in all baseball with the Tampa bay Rays. Miller may not be ready for 2012 season but the Cardinals patience should pay off he is 21 with a plus fast ball and devastating curve he should be a September call up and will join Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainwright, Jaime Garcia and Kyle Lohse in one of baseballs stronger pitching rotations. Bauer was the number 3 draft pick in 2011 and has shot up through the Diamondbacks system. Mesoraco and Buenalos are likely to play key roles in the years to as well all Buenalos needs to learn is more control of his fast ball and he will be ready for the Bronx in no time.


Tigers, Fielder.

The Detroit Tigers made a shocking move on Tuesday signing free agent slugger Prince Fielder for reportedly 9 years and 214 million dollars. Once again the mystery team comes out with the prize. Soon it will most likely be proven that mystery teams tend to win. Here’s some proof right now– take Cliff Lee for example. He hit the free agent market before the 2011 season; every one said it would be the Rangers or Yankees that would get Lee. Then out of nowhere come the Phillies and just like that they have him for 5 years.   Albert Pujols is another example. He was sure to go back to the Cardinals. I read the article saying that the Marlins took back their bid, but there was still a mystery team in the bidding. I went back to the home page and saw that Albert’s on the Angles for 10 years and the second largest contract in history! It just goes to show all GM’s not to reveal  their off season plans if they want to improve their team .