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Pettitte returns!

16 year veteran Andy Pettitte has come out of retirement to sign a 1 year deal worth 2.5 million dollars. Pettitte has won 240 games over his career, and his life time winning percentage is 635. He is well known for his dominance in the post season, where he has risen to occasion and won 21 games. I believe this move is beneficial for players such as Michael Pineda, and Ivan Nova and in September he could help young south paw Manny Buenalos. Pettitte was a member of the core four including Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, and Jorge Posada. As a Yankees fan I love the move and hope for the best.


Red Sox predictions.

Last week I made predictions for 4 Rangers players. After that article I received two comments asking for more. So with the players I have been given I make my predictions. By the way Brendan you said it dosnt have to be GOOD. Just what I think and the method speaks!

Red Sox. 1-161. 5th place finish.

Jacoby Ellsbury. First about this guy he is only number 2 because he wanted to be as good as future  Hall of Famer Derek Jeter. Just wanted to clear that up. He most likely took steroids to get his success last season realizing he hit less than 200 in 2010. I think that the PED’s will work against him next year and he will put  up something like this. 179 AVG,  4 HR and 25 RBI’s. Never will he put up a season like his last

Dustin Pedroia. Injured out for season first day of spring training.

Josh Beckett. One word. Terrible. This guy is going down. I mean he cant even beat the Yankees any more he used to dominate them! Okay here is what I say. 1-12 record, 6.85 ERA, 88 K’s. That’s all

Just Joking!

Here is the real one.

89-83 3rd place finish.

Jacoby Ellsbury.No way he does what he did last year. That was a career year. He is still a great player but he will never repeat.  296 AVG, 15 HR’s, 69RBI’s.

Dustin Pedroia. This guy is a great talent even if he wears the most ugly uniform in baseball. He was league MVP in 2008 a year after A-Rods MVP season which you should see the numbers of. Just wanted to let you know. Any way Pedroia won the gold glove award last season something I can honestly say he did not deserve. Either way he should be great in 2012. 298 AVG, 8HR’s, 63 RBI’s.

Josh Beckett. I with out question hate this guy mostly for what he did in 2003. He is a good pitcher and I suspect him to do well. 3.18 ERA, 16 W, 201 K’s

I hope you are satisfied with it Brendan.


Posada announces retirement

Yankee fans all over the world are saddened to hear that a key member of the Yankees 5 World Championships from 1996-2009, also a member of the core four, has officially  announced his retirement. After 17 Yankee years Jorge Posada is hanging up the number20 jersey, never to wear it on the baseball field again. Posada is the second member of the core four to retire. Andy Pettite did it about 50 times(!) before officially announcing his  retirement. The now remaining members are Derek Jeter and  Mariano  Rivera who stated he will retire after the 2012 season.Posada’s career 273 batting average is one of the best in the modern era for catchers, along with 275 home runs and 1065 R.B.Is.  I believe he is Cooperstown bound what do you think?



Who is the true M.V.P?

This year 23 players in the American League received votes for the M.V.P award.The  winner in the end was Tigers ace Justin Verlander. Many say he did not deserve the award  some think it should have been Jacoby Elsberry  or Curtis Granderson or Robinson Cano. But when you look at terms of over all value to a team you have to  go beyond the stats and ask what was his over all value?To me  it’s a mystery that 12 time all star and future hall of famer Derek Jeter has never won the award combining great statistics  with great leadership,which to me is real team value.



The Yankees finished with a 97-65 record in 2011 and hope to improve in 2012.With ace pither C.C Sabathia returning and rising stars such as Ivan Nova and Jesus Montero they might just do that.With a rotation that will include Sabathia,Nova,Phil Hughes,Freddy Garcia and A.J Burnett  and also a lineup that will incude stars such as Robinson Cano, Derek Jeter,Alex Rodriguez,Mark Teixeira and Curtis Granderson, the Yankees hope this team will lead them  to their their 28th world series title in 2012.