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Davis throws Two Innings, strikes out two, gets win

If this ever happens again, I’ll go crazy. Last night, Chris Davis, the DH for the Orioles, and another DH for the Red Sox both pitched. But the hero of the night was Davis, who pitched two innings, stuck out two, and recorded a win. I believe that this has ever happened before, as in two fielders pitching in the same game. Davis pitched at Navarro Junior College, but later changed to First Base. Davis is hitting .299 with 5hrs and 14 rbis this season, a very rising star. During the game, Davis went 0 for 8, and the Orioles had no more relievers, so Buck Showalter decided to put the closest thing to a pitcher that he had, which was Chris Davis. In the bottom of the 16th, Davis struck out Jarrod Saltalamacchia , got Will Middlebrooks to fly out, and Marlon Byrd reached on an error, then Mike Aviles hit one in the gap which was fielded by Adam Jones, who then threw the ball to the shortstop who made an amazing relay throw to the catcher and gunned Marlon Byrd by four steps. In the top of the 17th  Adam Jones hit a three run home run to put the Orioles up, 9-6. Then, in the bottom of the 17th, Ryan Sweeney hit a single off of Chris Davis. Davis then proceeded to walk Dustin Pedroia putting runners at first and second with no one out. He struck out Adrian Gonzalez and then, surprise surprise, David Ortiz grounded into a double play to end the game.Davis gets the win



Red Sox predictions.

Last week I made predictions for 4 Rangers players. After that article I received two comments asking for more. So with the players I have been given I make my predictions. By the way Brendan you said it dosnt have to be GOOD. Just what I think and the method speaks!

Red Sox. 1-161. 5th place finish.

Jacoby Ellsbury. First about this guy he is only number 2 because he wanted to be as good as future  Hall of Famer Derek Jeter. Just wanted to clear that up. He most likely took steroids to get his success last season realizing he hit less than 200 in 2010. I think that the PED’s will work against him next year and he will put  up something like this. 179 AVG,  4 HR and 25 RBI’s. Never will he put up a season like his last

Dustin Pedroia. Injured out for season first day of spring training.

Josh Beckett. One word. Terrible. This guy is going down. I mean he cant even beat the Yankees any more he used to dominate them! Okay here is what I say. 1-12 record, 6.85 ERA, 88 K’s. That’s all

Just Joking!

Here is the real one.

89-83 3rd place finish.

Jacoby Ellsbury.No way he does what he did last year. That was a career year. He is still a great player but he will never repeat.  296 AVG, 15 HR’s, 69RBI’s.

Dustin Pedroia. This guy is a great talent even if he wears the most ugly uniform in baseball. He was league MVP in 2008 a year after A-Rods MVP season which you should see the numbers of. Just wanted to let you know. Any way Pedroia won the gold glove award last season something I can honestly say he did not deserve. Either way he should be great in 2012. 298 AVG, 8HR’s, 63 RBI’s.

Josh Beckett. I with out question hate this guy mostly for what he did in 2003. He is a good pitcher and I suspect him to do well. 3.18 ERA, 16 W, 201 K’s

I hope you are satisfied with it Brendan.