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Not who you predicted

Just wondering how many of you thought that by this point in the season the Orioles, Nationals, and Dodgers would be leading their divisions? One of the stupidest things we do is try to predict baseball. We all know you cant do it but we still try over and over again. Also who would have thought that Albert Pujols the best first-base man in over 60 years would be hitting 197 with 1 HR? You just don’t know with baseball, for instance last year just about every expert (including myself) predicted a Red-Sox vs. Phillies World Series, And Boston didn’t even make it to the play-off’s. Even though the Orioles are slowing down a little Washington and L.A keep heating up. The Nationals have had by far the best pitching this season led by Stephen Strasburg and Jordan Zimmerman they have held a 2.33 ERA. Who knows maybe the Royals will win their division with baseball you never know.



Jackson signs 1 year deal.

Edwin Jackson has signed a one year deal with the Nationals for somewhere around 5 million dollars. The Nationals have allot of left over money from missing out on Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder and C.J Wilson. They have already added Gio Gonzales to the rotation and if Stephen Strasburg comes back healthy those 3 should combine for a nasty 1-2-3 punch at the front of the rotation. For the first time in a long time the Nationals appear ready to compete in the nations capital city.