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Cain throws perfect game

Giants ace No.2 Matt Cain tossed the 1st perfect game in Giants history on Wednesday vs. the Astros. If a certain catch by Gregor Blanco, had not been made, you would be hearing about a 10-1 two hit 13 strikeout gem. But since he made the catch, you are hearing about a 10-0, 14 strikeout, no-hit, epicly exciting, perfect game. Now if you told us yesterday that Matt Cain was going to throw a perfect game, I would have said you were an idiot, and David would have said it might happen, but I’m sure that he would have thought you were stupid too. Thankfully you didn’t, but it would be VERY embarrassing if you had. So, back to the main subject. As of 6/14/12, FOUR, yes FOUR, no-hitters or perfect games have been thrown in the season, easily a record for so early in the season. I personally wish that it was only three, minus Johan Santana’s no-hitter vs. the Cardinals. I’m just hoping for the Cardinals to decide to throw one of these so I can use it against my fellow writer David(heeheehee),who really likes the fact that Johan Santana threw a no-hitter against my Cardinals. So here’s hoping for the Cardinals(it’s going to be Lance Lynn) and I hope Matt Cain likes the Attention cause he is sort of the Phil Humber type, you know, perfect game then epic fail on his next start.

Andrew and(for one half of a sentence at the beginning)David


Matt Cain inks extension

Giants right hander Matt Cain has just signed a 5 year worth 112 million dollars. Cain made the all-star team last season combining a 2.88 ERA along with 12 wins. Cain is one of the better pitchers in baseball and I think this was a very smart move.



Lincicum signs two year deal.

The Giants have agreed on terms with ace pitcher Tim Lincecum on a two year 40 million dollar contract. He turned down a five year 100 million dollar contract on Monday saying, “I either want 8 years or more or 2year or less”. Lincecum won back to back Cy Young awards in 2008 and 2009. And in 2010 won his only World Championship. If Lincecum agreed to the 8 year deal would that have forced Matt Cain out of San Francisco? If so would you think it would be better to have Lincecum or Cain? In my opinion Cain has better stuff and is built to last longer though Lincecum is currently one of baseballs better pitchers i expect Matt Cain to have a better future full of Cy Youngs and other awards. If i were starting a team and i had to pick one of the two i would pick Cain.